Google killed the web address—so why is it trying to sell you one?


google-domains So easy!

When Google released its web browser, Chrome, in 2008, the most striking thing about it was that it merged the web address bar—where you type in—with the search bar. It called this the “omnibox.” As new domain names rolled out this year, observers wondered what the point was when nobody remembers, let alone types, full web addresses any more. Google has also toyed with the idea of further obscuring the web address in Chrome.

But no matter how much browsers hide the web address, it isn’t going anywhere. Addresses remain fundamental to the architecture of the web. Without them websites would be identified only by a series of numbers. Regular internet users would have no idea where they are on the web, or whether to trust the site. Moreover, the web address is also an essential piece of marketing for any business that needs an internet presence (pretty much all of them).

Little wonder then that Google…

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